Learning photography


  • Learning Photography is an up-to-date guide that will enable you to unlock your full potential. Walk away from crude, badly composed selfies, and impress everyone with your art.


Did you buy a fancy new camera, but your photos still aren’t that great? Are you shooting in auto mode because you don’t know what all the buttons are for? Then Learning Photography is the kind of guide you’re looking for! Assuming you have no knowledge about photography, this guide’s step-by-step format allows you to quickly learn the most important principles of photography, as well as how to unlock your camera by shooting in manual mode. Learn how ISO works, why the aperture is so important, when to adjust your shutter speed, and understand how depth of field works. Then combine everything together with the right type of lens and shoot! Step out of your comfort zone by shooting RAW to get every bit of precious information from your photos so that you can have full control over them during post processing.