In second stint as Bills’ backup, Matt Barkley sees major growth from Josh Allen

In second stint as Bills’ backup, Matt Barkley sees major growth from Josh Allen

Matt Barkley was signed as an extra backup quarterback with the Bills during Josh Allen’s rookie season in 2018, and Barkley stuck around for two and a half years. Last year Barkley left in free agency, this year he returned, and he is noticing major growth from Allen.

“I’ve seen Josh since his rookie year now, and he’s grown in a lot of ways,” Barkley said, via the Buffalo News. “I think most people notice his leadership and his poise in those big-game situations. But I think he’s grown a lot in terms of being smart with the ball, and in the passing game, protecting it. He’s gotten a lot more accurate, in my opinion, from when he first got into the league. He’s started to become more vocal, which is good to see, because guys look up to him, and he’s a leader. So he’s using that platform to steer guys in the right direction.”

Barkley and the Bills’ other backup quarterback, Case Keenum, are trusted veteran voices in the quarterback room, and Barkley says one thing they all agree on is that with Allen at the helm, they have Super Bowl potential.

“We have high goals,” Barkley said. “I think we’ve come close almost every year now, and even last year when I wasn’t with them. But the Super Bowl is the goal. And I think we’ve got the pieces in place, but every week is a new week, and you have to stay focused and persevere through those challenges of some injuries during the year, and the ups and downs of the schedule. So I think having older guys in the room, at least with Josh, and then kind of bringing back that leadership will hopefully help us go far into February next year.”